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MyLab™EightVET: Premium Ultrasound

Dedicated & Advanced

In today’s veterinary practice, efficiency and productivity are of great importance. Changing clinical needs require medical equipment to deliver high performance, ease of use and innovative clinical solutions.

The MyLab™EightVET can cover all examination needs in your practice; any species and every application, from small to large dogs, cats, exotics to equine and farm animals.

Small Animals

Confident diagnosis

Esaote’s top-of-the-range ultrasound system combines the best of technology, quality and ergonomics.

It makes your exam fast and easy. In all small animal applications, abdominal, MSK and cardiology the MyLab™EightVET gives you the diagnostic confidence your clients deserve.

Equine & Farm Animals

Excellent image quality

Top horses examined by ultrasound specialists need the best clinical exam possible.

With the MyLab™EightVET you know you get the best images for tendon, the spine, abdomen, and cardiology. The new single-crystal probes combine deep penetration with the best possible resolution.

MyLab™EightVET Features

  • 21.5” widescreen IPS monitor
  • Single-crystal transducer technology
  • Advanced clinical tools
  • Broad connectivity options


Advanced technologies for advanced procedures

The MyLab™EightVET provides impressive image quality in all modes and in a wide range of applications. Besides B-Mode, M-Mode and Doppler imaging, the systems offer multiple advanced technologies to meet every clinical need and user preference.

CnTI TM With revolutionary real-time CnTI technology it is possible to implement innovative contrast media ultrasound procedures.
3D Esaote’s volumetric technology takes full advantage of the touch panel to optimize both the workflow and ease of use, and represents a breakthrough in technology.
ElaXto The ElaXto software enables non-invasive assessment of tissue elasticity
XStrain XStrain makes it possible to estimate and quantify endocardial velocities during contraction and relax- ation of the heart
Virtual Navigator Virtual Navigator allows the real-time visualization of enhanced ultrasound images thanks to the fusion with CT and MRI images
XFlow XFlow provides extraordinary flow sensitivity and spacial resolution
microV High sensitivity, high spatial resolution, high frame rate hemodynamic analysis for micro vascularizat- ion in tissue perfusion. State-of-the-art sensitivity for superficial and deeper vessels for improved spatial resolution in real-time hemodynamic analysis.
MyLabRemote Remote system user interface app that allows MyLabEight to be controlled via smartphone or tablet.

Join the Global Leader in Veterinary Imaging

Esaote is the pioneer in ultrasound and MRI in the veterinary field. Esaote has over 30 years of market leadership and is a preferred supplier for veterinary practices, clinics, and research centers, and also for many zoos and wildlife insti- tutions.

Offering the perfect products in terms of quality, functionality, price, service, and education, combined with a deep understanding of veterinarians’ needs, guar - antees our top position in the veterinary imaging market.

Please challenge us with your imaging, ultrasound, and/or MRI needs in your daily practice or specific projects. We would love to be your imaging partner.

MyLab™EightVET: Premium Ultrasound

The MyLab™EightVET offers advanced solutions for advanced procedures. In addition to all the features you expect from an ultrasound system, the MyLab™EightVET provides a complete picture, enabling examinations with contrast media, performance of fusion imaging, estimations of endocardial velocities, and much more.

Patient ID/Owner Name

The patient demographic screen is dedicated to the veterinary environment with fields for the animal’s name as well as species and breed.

Single-Crystal Transducers

MyLabEight™VET incorporates the new Mpowered Engine to optimize highdensity and single-crystal transducers to enable images to be captured at greater depth in the body with unprecedented quality for difficult-to-scan patients.

Application Selection

The veterinary application software makes it easy to choose from a list of applications before starting the examination. After selecting the application, the system automatically displays the presets corresponding to the chosen purpose. A dedicated application icon is shown on the screen, confirming that the correct settings are selected.


Confirming Esaote’s dedication to the veterinary world, complete veterinary measurement packages, including abdomen, cardiology and reproductive gestational calculations provide easy exam documentation.

Measurements and Reports

Confirming Esaote’s dedication to the veterinary world, complete veterinary measurement packages, including abdomen, cardiology and reproductive gestational calculations provide easy exam documentation.

Body Marks

Using a body mark to show the exact position where the scan has been done is useful. But being able to indicate this with a body mark that actually resembles the scanned species is even better. During or after an exam or measurement it is very easy to “mark” the exact field of examination using the dedicated veterinary body marks.

Broad Connectivity Options

The system is equipped with wired and wireless connectivity that offers numerous data saving and transmission options for easy networking and patient management.

Image Quality

With both Esaote systems, in any application and with any probe, you can rely on excellent image quality to aid fast and accurate diagnosis.

Large Probe Portfolio

Our special lightweight transducers can cover all applications. Ranging from rectal veterinary transducers to high-frequency linear, convex and phased array transducers, they will meet every clinical need and user preference.


Clinical Image - MyLab™EightVET Abdomen - B-Mode

Clinical Image - MyLab™EightVET Cardio - B-Mode

Clinical Image - MyLab™EightVET - Cardio CFM

Clinical Image - MyLab™EightVET - Cardio M-Mode

Clinical Image - MyLab™EightVET - Spine B-Mode

Clinical Image - MyLab™EightVET - MSK B-Mode


C1-8 VET

Convex Probe, Single Crystal, for abdominal and reproduction large animals and MSK Equine

SC3123 VET

MicroConvex Probe, best choice for abdominal small animals and MSK Equine

L4-15 appleprobe VET

Linear Probe, for abdominal small animals and MSK Equine


Linear Probe, High Frequency, for abdominal small animals, exotics and MSK Equine

SL2325 VET

Linear Probe, High Frequency, for abdominal small animals, exotics and MSK Equine

IH 6-18 VET

Hockeystick Probe, for scanning very small animals

SL3116 VET

Linear Probe, Very High Frequency, for scanning very small animals and exotics


Phased Array Probe, Single Crystal, for cardio big dogs and Equine


Phased Array Probe, for cardio small animals


Phased Array Probe, High Frequency, for cardio small dogs and cats

TEE022 Multiplane VET

TEE Probe, Omniplane, for cardio small animals

TEE132 Multiplane VET

TEE Probe, Omniplane, for cardio small animals


Intraoperative Probe, for transrectal MSK Equine

MyLab™EightVET: Premium Ultrasound

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