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MyLab™OneVET: Veterinary Ultrasound In One Small Package

The new standard in veterinary ultrasound is called MyLab™OneVET. This innovative system is easily operated through the 12 inch high-resolution full touch screen control. The dedicated veterinary user interface offers quick and precise imaging, diagnosing and printing.

MyLab™OneVET: Designed Around You

The possibility to use the system on roll stand, desk stand or wall-mounted offers high flexibilty in the system configuration and use, satisfying any specific requirement of the vetenarian. Due to the convex- and linear array broadband transducers weith frequencies ranging from 2.5 to 22 Mhz, the MyLab™OneVET can be used for a wide set of applications.

Dedicated User Interface

VET Optimized Data Entry Screens:

The patient data screen and printouts are optimized for veterinary specific data entry with data fields for species, application and breed. This defines the MyLab™One VET as a dedicated and professional veterinary ultrasound system.

Dedicated VET Body Marks:

Dedicated veterinary body marks define the MyLab™One VET as a specialized veterinary ultrasound system and help to clearly mark species and part of the animal body which was scanned.

Veterinary Measurement Software Packages:

Specialized VET measurement and calculation software, developed in close cooperation with veterinary opinion leaders, assist the veterinary in coming quick and scientifically based diagnosis. This is another aspect which defines the system as one of the most dedicated veterinary ultrasound system currently available.

MyLab™OneVET: In Touch With Veterinary

Touch Screen:

VET workflow-optimized touch screen allows quick and efficient operational activity. Only those menu items are shown which are relevant for the procedure or application. The resulting clean, uncluttered screen allows user to concentrate on scanning, not on operating the scanner.

Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Trolley:

The specially developed and multifunctional trolley can be ussed ranging from a very low position (e.g. when scanning equine tendons) up to a higher than usual position (e.g. when scanning equine reproduction). This application dependent positioning of the MyLab™One VET with the trolley reduces back fatigues and eye strain.

Multifunctional Desk Stand:

The ergonomic desk stand allows quick and steady installation. On top of this it offers state of the art connectivity for peripherals. The system can be charged when used through desk stand.

Buttons On System:

Four customizable buttons allow system optimized use in line with practice-based workflow. With this, efficiency and patient throughput will increase and the learning curve for new users can be reduced.


MyLab™OneVET Offers A Wide Range Of Probes

Esaote's famous broadband rectal veterinary transducers, one small high frequency linear (up to 22 Mhz) and two convex transducers cover many veterinary applications.

Probe Buttons:

Three customizable probe buttons allow one hand scan-and-click operation of the scanner. Customizing the buttons is easy to do and can be changed anytime.

Appleprobe, light and easy on wrist and fingers: Esaote's unique, patented appleprobe design has been applied on all MyLab™One VET's probes. This lightweight design, with a special ring to keep the probe fixed between two fingers will help to reduce and and wrist efforts and strain.

Arm-Held Dedicated Veterinary Ultrasound System

Innovative MyLab™OneVET dedicated veterinary user interface offers quick and precise Animals Care imaging, diagnosing, storing and printing, thanks to its ease of use and a full touch screen control.

The innovative design of the MyLab™OneVET brings ultrasound to the point of care, even the field or stable. Easily fix the ultrasound device to your arm, providing a confortable and stable working condition.

A choice of two battery housing: MyLab™OneVET offers optimal flexibility and independence with two type of battery housing, single or double, and a charger. Batteries are hot swappable (if connected to the mains or if two batteries are used). They can be charged in or outside the system (separate charger required). This flexible set of solutions allows to work continuosly for a whole day.

Belt and wrist locker: the belt and wrist locker provide additional comfort and safety and cause less muscle strain allowing the MyLab™OneVET to rest on the hip while scanning.

MyLab™OneVET: Easy Cleaning And Protection

Protective Silicone Cover: The removable protective silicone cover offers additional protection when working in the stable or in an outdoor environment. The touch screen remains freely available and airflow openings allow continuous cooling of the system even with the cover installed.

Flush Surface For Easy Cleaning: The flush surface does not give dirt much place to hide. A moist soft cloth is enough to swipe the system clean between scanning sessions, saving time and preventing damage due to long term build up of dirt. For light disinfection, a package of swipes is delivered with the system.

System Connectivity

MyLab™Desk, Seamless Integration Of PC And MyLab™ Interface:

MyLab™Desk is Esaote's unique solution to standardize the interaction between veterinarian, MyLab system and PC. Patient data and clinical images can be transferred to a PC and then accessed from within a MyLab™ menu look-alike environment. Image analysis, measurements, annotation, comparisons, reporting and printing can be done offline and even on a differen physical location.


Wireless communication of MyLab™OneVET with peripherals such as printers, keyboards and mouse offers the freedom to place and use these peripherals without cables, even at different locations. With the MyLab™OneVET being used in the examination room or stable, printing can take place wirelessly in a distant corner or even in a separate office.

Data Export And Backup:

MyLab™OneVET is based on a state-of-the-art technological platform. The result is that data-exchange (including images and clips) and backups can be done using options which are now common in moder office environment. These include USB, external HD drives and CD-DVD burners.

Clinical Image - MyLab™OneVET

Clinical Image - MyLab™OneVET

Clinical Image - MyLab™OneVET

Clinical Image - MyLab™OneVET

Clinical Image - MyLab™OneVET

Clinical Image - MyLab™OneVET

SL3323 VET

Linear probe, for abdominal small animals and MSK Equine

SC3421 VET

Large Animals, Abdominal - Companion Animals (large size), Abdominal - Convex Array - 40 mm ray of curvature - 7-3 Mhz - apple probe design

SC3123 VET

MicroConvex Probe, best choice for abdominal small animals and MSK Equine

SV3513 VET

Linear VET Trans rectal Probe, for reproduction big animals and Equine

SL3116 VET

Linear Probe, Very High Frequency, for scanning very small animals and exotics

SL3235 VET

Equine Tendon, small animals abdominal, Superficial Musculoskeletal applications (i.e. knees) in small and large animals. Linear array – 30x10mm footprint – 18 - 6MHz

MyLab™OneVET: Veterinary Ultrasound In One Small Package

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