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Mylab™TwiceVET: Premium Performance & Point-Of-Care Ultrasound

Meet The Worldwide Leader In Veterinary Imaging

The MyLab™TwiceVET is a premium ultrasound device meeting the continuous growing level of veterinary diagnostic needs in all modalities. It delivers high performance, ease of use and innovative solutions.

"The price of greatness is responsibility" Winston Churchill.

The unique MyLab™TwiceVET offers Premium Performance together with Point-of-Care Ultrasound, meaning that besides the office-based system the MyLab™OneVET unit can be used where it is needed, from clinic to barn and the field.

Imaging From Clinic To Barn To The Field

MyLab™TwiceVET with MyLab™OneVET point-of-care ultrasound has no limits: it provides Premium Performance Ultrasound service and thanks to MyLab™OneVET it can move imaging to wherever it is needed, for faster diagnosis and improved patient care.

Flexibility Through Ultimate Connectivity

MyLab™TwiceVET with MyLab™OneVET main characteristics allow the system to be placed in any environment, such as clinic, stable, university and can also be used for outdoor activities. It provides easy, fast and reliable access to diagnosis and data sharing.

The MyLab™TwiceVET has been designed to be limitless in connectivity and can be easily implemented in a Windows® or DICOM environment.

Interface & Monitor

  • Innovative 19'' High-Resolution TFT LCD Color Monitor
  • Wide-View High Image Quality
  • Superior Image Quality With Unmatched High-Frequency Range
  • Optimal Lighting And Opti-Light Advanced Feature
  • Dedicated Intelligent And Intuitive Interface/Setting
  • Multilanguage User Interface
  • CPI - Combined Pulsed Imaging For Best Image Quality In Far Field Of View
  • High Definition HD CFM
  • Automatic Optimization Of Image Processing To Improve The Operator's Comfort

Advanced Technologies For Advanced Procedures

The MyLab™TwiceVET provide impressive image quality in all modalities and in a wide range of applications. Besides B-Mode, M-Mode and Doppler-imaging, the systems offer multiple advanced technologies to meet every clinical need.

High Performance & Efficiency

In today’s veterinary practice, efficiency and productivity are of great importance. Changing clinical needs require medical equipment to deliver high performance, ease of use and innovative solutions. Esaote is committed to developing ultrasound systems that meet these demands and is proud to present MyLab™TwiceVET!


MyLab™TwiceVET offers a wide range of Probes

With the specific light-weight probes all the applications can be covered. Ranging from rectal veterinary transducers to high frequency linear and convex transducers, they will meet every clinical need and user preference.

Commitment and dedication at the highest level

Patient ID Field:

The patient demographic screen is dedicated to the veterinary environment with fields for the animal’s name as well as species and breed.


The veterinary application software makes it easy to choose from a list of applications before starting the examination. After selecting the application, the system automatically loads the presets corresponding to the chosen purpose. A dedicated application icon is shown on the screen, confirming that the correct settings are selected.

Measurements and Reports:

Confirming Esaote's dedication to the veterinary world, complete veterinary measurement packages, including Abdomen, Cardiology and Reproductive Gestational calculations provide easy exam documentation. Optional MSK Equine Tendon is also available.

Body Marks:

Using a body mark to show the exact position where the scan has been done is handy. But to be able to indicate this on a body mark that actually resembles the scanned species is even better. During or after an exam or measurement it is very easy to "mark" the exact field of examination using the dedicated veterinary body marks.

Advanced technologies

  • MyLab™Sat VET: TPView, RF-QIMT & RF-QAS, Advanced Cardiac Package, Advanced Vascular Package
  • TEI™ - Tissue Enhancement Imaging: Recommended When Low Frequency Probes Are Being Used And Especially For Animals With difficult acoustic windows.
  • MView - Combined Standard And Steered Ultrasound Imaging To Detect All Anatomical Structures
  • TPView For Enlarged Field Of View, Specially In Breast And Vascular Exams
  • CMM - Compass M-Mode
  • XView - eXtreme View With Real-Time Adaptive Algorithm
  • X4D Real-Time Technology For eXtended 3D-4D Advanced OB/GYN Imaging In Volumetric Scanning
  • VPan - eXtended Field Of View
  • PBI - Pure Brilliance Imaging To Optimise And Enhance Image Quality
  • Virtual Navigator Advanced Tool For Fusion Imaging (US & CT/MR)
  • ElaXto-Elastosonography - Non-Invasive Method To Assess Tissue Elasticity
  • Advanced CnTI™ - Contrast Tuned Imaging For Contrast Media Procedures
  • XStrain™ - Strain-Strain Rate Top Analysis Technique For Myocardial Function Evaluation
  • TVM - Tissue Velocity Mapping For LV Motion Analysis
  • DIR XFlow - Extreme Sensitivity And Flow Direction Information
  • Integrated Stress Echo

 Additional features

  • Complete Range Of Advanced Transducers (SL3323, SC3421, SC3123, SE3123 Excluded)
  • Extended Bandwidth Probes & New Innovative Ergonomic Shape (appleprobes)
  • Extreme Portability And Flexibility Of Use In A Compact And Agile System
  • MyLab™Sat VET Satellite Module
  • Advanced Remote Controls Integrated On Probe/MyLab™Sat (Customizable)
  • Advanced Cardiac And Vascular Packages
  • Advanced OB/GYN Package
  • Diagnosis Oriented Workflow: Easy, Fast And Reliable Access To Diagnosis
  • Probe Cable Guide, Dedicated Sterile Probe Holder
  • Extra Working Space With Multi-Direction Articulated Movement
  • Monitor Orientation, Printer Support, Insulated Power Supply
  • 4 Swivelling Wheels With Single Brakes
  • Wireless Networking For Easy Data Sharing, Storage And Printing
  • Remote Archive, Review, Report, Back-Up
  • Up-To-Date Connectivity And Data Management Solutions (Wireless, LAN, Integrated Database)
  • Windows® And DICOM Compatibility
  • IHE Compliance (Integrating The Healthcare Enterprise)

Clinical Image - MyLabOneVET - Abdomen - TpView

Clinical Image - MyLabOneVET - Repro - TPView

Clinical image - MyLab™TwiceVET - Abdomen - B-Mode

Clinical image - MyLab™TwiceVET - Cardio - TVM

Clinical image - MyLab™TwiceVET - Tendon - TPView

Clinical image - MyLab™TwiceVET - Tendon - B-Mode

Clinical image - MyLab™TwiceVET - Repro - CFM


Abdominal, Ob/Gyn, Vascular, Contrast Agents Procedures Variable-Band Convex Array

LA332 appleprobe VET

Companion animals (small size) - Abdominal (TPView recomended) - Linear Array 11 - 3 Mhz


Linear Probe, High Frequency, for abdominal small animals, exotics and MSK Equine


Equine Tendon Scan Variable-Band Linear Array - 9-2 MHz


Companion Animals (small size), Abdominal – Equine Tendon Scan Linear Array - 13-4 MHz

LA533 appleprobe VET

Companion Animals (small size), Abdominal – Equine Tendon Scan


Large Animals, Reproductive – Equine Tendon Scan Linear Array – 50mm - 10-5 MHz


Phased Array Probe, High Frequency, for cardio small dogs and cats


Cardiac Pediatric, Vascular, Transcranial  Phased Array


Cardiac, Transcranial, Abdominal, Vascular, Contrast Agents Procedures  Variable-Band Phased Array

TEE022 Multiplane VET

TEE Probe, Omniplane, for cardio small animals

TEE132 Multiplane VET

TEE Probe, Omniplane, for cardio small animals


Special Applications – Laparoscopic Linear Array - Articulation: ± up/down 90°; right/left 90° - 13-4 MHz

Pencil CW 2 VET

Non-imaging Doppler – Pencil – Doppler Frequency: 2.0 MHz

Pencil CW 5 VET

Non-imaging Doppler – Pencil – Doppler frequency: 5.0 MHz

SC3123 VET

MicroConvex Probe, best choice for abdominal small animals and MSK Equine

SL3116 VET

Linear Probe, Very High Frequency, for scanning very small animals and exotics


Vascular High-frequency Pencil Array


Reproduction large animals


Companion Animals, Abdominal Micro-convex Array - 14 mm ray of curvature - 9-3 MHz


Large Animals, Abdominal – Companion Animals (large size), Abdominal Convex Array - 40 mm ray of curvature - 5-1 MHz


Small animals, cardio. Phased Array - 4-1 MHz

CA541 appleprobe VET

Large Animals, Abdominal - Companion Animals (large size) - Convex Array 8-1 Mhz


Intraoperative Probe, for transrectal MSK Equine


Companion Animals, Abdominal


Companion Animals, Abdominal

BL433 appleprobe VET

Companion Animals, Abdominal

BE1123 VET

Reproduction large animals


Reproduction large animals

EC1123 VET

Reproduction large animals


Large Animals, Abdominal – Companion Animals (large size), Abdominal Convex Array - 40 mm ray of curvature - 8-1 MHz

C5-2 R13 VET

Large Animals, Abdominal – Companion Animals (large size), Abdominal Micro-Convex Array - 10 mm ray of curvature - 5-2 MHz


Mylab™TwiceVET: Premium Performance & Point-Of-Care Ultrasound

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