Discover the world of veterinary ultrasound with Esaote Company!

Esaote is one of the leading developers and producers of specialized diagnostic equipment for veterinary, stationary and portable ultrasound scanners and it is oriented towards medical equipment market of Europe and America.

The company has to its credit the following: production of the first portable ultrasound machine with Doppler modes, outfitting of spaceships and medical laboratories within the framework of NASA programmes, design and production of MyLab Touch portable ultrasound machine based on touch technologies, inclusion in mobile ultrasound arsenal of diagnostic technologies of the last generation such as elastography, intima-media complex measurement.

Esaote Company was one of the first to equip stationary ultrasound machines with LCD screens and was among the first developers of such technologies as elastography and virtual navigation; it’s become a pioneer in using of high-frequency ultrasound (up to 22 MHz) in musculoskeletal system research.

Developing the world of ultrasound with Esaote scanners, you get a premium ultrasound system with top-class imaging, provided with the latest technical advances in ultrasound and software field.