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VET-MR: The In The House Dedicated VET MRI

Welcome To The World Of Vet-MR

With more than twenty years of experience in MRI, Esaote, the leading international corporation of diagnostic imaging, presents Vet-MR, an MRI system uniquely designed to bring the diagnostic excellence into the Veterinary world.


Nowadays, MRI is the preferred modality for imaging any kind of soft tissue and is the method of choice for imaging trauma and pathologies of the central nervous system and joints. The specific features of Vet-MR make this imaging modality available also for the veterinary field.

The Innovation In Imaging Pets

Vet-MR is specifically suitable for imaging small animals and is a result of attention to details in designing magnet, coils and electronic components, providing a high quality MRI for the veterinary field which is cost effective and easy to use.

In-House VET MRI

The advantage of Vet-MR is the convenience of having a fully customized system in your practice. With Vet-MR there is no need to rely on outside MR providers, allowing you to improve your workflow while providing your customers with excellent diagnostic capabilities and follow up that suite the animal’s needs. Vet-MR can be easily installed in a small room, thanks to a specially designed shielding cage that makes Vet-MR an in office MRI. 


Vet-MR has been developed as an "in-office MRI", which means that it can be easily installed in any hospital or private practice. Minimum space requirements are 18 m2:

  • A Specially Developed Modular RF Shielding Is Available, Avoiding Costly And Time Consuming Construction Works.
  • Thanks To Its Very Low Power Consumption (1 kW) The Scanner Can Be Connected To A Standard Power Outlet (220V Or 110V).

Vet-MR is ideal for installation in small or space limited practices. Vet-MR is provided with a specially designed and easy to install dedicated RF cage. Its innovative design, which makes use of existing illumination and air-conditioning, makes it possible to install in a standard room (4 X 4,5 m minimum).

VET-MR Economics

Vet-MR is an intelligent and affordable investment. It has a maintenance-free permanent magnet, no special cooling systems are required and power consumption is very low (1 Kw) meaning that it can be run from a standard power outlet. The total operating costs of Vet-MR are very low thanks to is easy siting, minimal running costs and the limited initial investment.

  • Low Power Consumption: Less Than 1.3 Kw
  • Maintenance-Free Open Permanent Magnet

Vet-MR: The Reasons For Success

Thanks to the open design, the animal’s handling is extremely easy, and the operator gets familiar with the use after a short training on site. The Windows® operator interface allows also an intuitive approach for the operator and it features appropriate vet terms.

Superb Soft Tissue Visualization

MRI is recognized to be the method of choice for soft tissue imaging. Vet-MR include a complete set of receiving coils providing high image quality for the different anatomic areas. Our dedicated coils are tailored to specific anatomy for the best image quality.

Dedicated Software

Vet-MR speaks the veterinary language. The system has been developed in close collaboration with veterinary doctors, in fact it features correct vet terminology and image orientation, that together with an appropriate patient set up scheme yield an easy exam management flow.

Full Connectivity

Vet-MR is fully DICOM and offers smart solutions for connectivity and teleradiology, featuring the standard Dicom classes.

Service Online

The remote service program Aras Win, specially developed for the Esaote MRI systems, enables service technicians to directly connect to any Esaote MRI unit for immediate check-up and troubleshooting.

Real Time Positioning

Pet positioning is extremely fast by using the real time feature that continuously visualizes the anatomy location (MRI fluoroscopy); afterwards a localizer (scout) scan is performed contemporarily in the three orthogonal directions.

Pet Monitoring

With Vet-MR ease of monitoring and accessibility to the patient reduces risk during the exam; furthermore, the specific design of Vet MR allows for use of existing anesthesia equipment.

VET-MR Examinations

Vet-MR provides a wide range of preprogrammed protocols that are optimized for Vet purpose and tested at research sites, but it offers also the possibility to create customized protocols, according to specific clinical needs.

Maintenance Free-Open Permanent Magnet

  • 0.2 Tesla Field
  • Light Patented RF Shielding
  • Standard Available Anaesthesia Equipment Can Be Used
  • Extensive Image Viewing, Analysis And Elaboration Tools
  • Sophisticated Storage Functionality Particularly Useful For Systems Connected To PACS Network
  • Full DICOM Connectivity

Additional Features

  • In-Office MRI Fully Customized For Veterinary Needs
  • Open Design And Tailored Patient Bed
  • Complete Set Of Dedicated Optimized Coils
  • High Image Quality
  • Dedicated Software, Full Set Of Pre-Defined Sequences And Protocols For Veterinary Purpose
  • User Customized Examination Protocols For Specific Clinical Needs
  • Windows Based User Interface Customized For "Vet" Environment Featuring "Vet" Terminology
  • Multi Planar Scout
  • Real-Time Imaging Tool For Fast Animal Positioning

Clinical Image - Vet-MR - Cervical - SE T1 weighted transverse

Clinical Image - Vet-MR - Cervo-thoracic - SE T1 weighted dorsal

Clinical Image - Vet-MR - Lumbar-sacral - SE T1 weighted dorsal

Clinical Image - Vet-MR - Neurocranium - SE T1 weighted dorsal

Clinical Image - Vet-MR - Thoracic-lumbar - SE T1 weighted sagittal

DPA Coil - Small Animals/Equine (head, spine, hip, shoulders, horse extremities)

DPA Coil - Small Animals (head, spine, shoulders, hip)

Horse Extremities Open-Design Coil

Multipurpose Flex Coil - Small/Large Animals

DPA Coil - Small Animals (small parts)

C-shaped Coil - Small Animals/Equine (head, spine, shoulders, hip, horse extremities)

DPA Openable Multipurpose Coil - Small Animals (spine, head)

DPA Coil - Small Animals/Medium-Large Dogs Breeds (Spine)

VET-MR: The In The House Dedicated VET MRI

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